Bomb Island

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510 Columbia Avenue, Chapin, SC 2903

About Us 

Rob and Lara Heath, Owners and Coaches at CrossFit Bomb Island

Lara Heath is a certified Crossfit Instructor and licensed affiliate.  She has been involved in the health and fitness field for 16 years as a group exercise instructor and 9 years as a personal trainer (NASM-CPT).  She understands the value of wellness; it is her desire and my passion to share the knowledge she has gained with others.

Rob and Lara began doing Crossfit in their garage and then joined a CrossFit gym. They knew this was for them from the start!  Having done all sorts of exercise from running, biking, aerobic classes and everything in between, nothing had the impact on them physically like CrossFit. Rob and Lara want to share this passion with our community.

Every class is monitored by a coach who will provide you with some of the highest level instruction in the fitness industry.  They offer nutritional guidance along with some of the best workouts you have ever experienced!

CrossFit Bomb Island wants you to feel successful in the workouts they program, and also in meeting your personal fitness goals. We invite you to try a class and feel the difference for yourself.  The first (introductory) class is always free so you have nothing to lose!

Meet Our Team - Visit our Coaches Page

What's in a name? 

Why are we CrossFit Bomb Island?

We wanted to choose a name for our box that was significant to Chapin. Bomb Island holds such a special place in the history of not only Chapin (Lake Murray) but also in South Carolina. For those not familiar, Bomb Island it is a 12-acre island in the middle of Lake Murray. It is also referred to as “Doolittle Island” after General Doolittle, commander of the Doolittle Raid. The Doolittle Raid was the first United States air raid on the Japanese Theatre in World War II. A significant portion of the raid’s tactical planning and development was practiced in Columbia, specifically over Bomb Island. It was common for the B-25 pilots of the raid to practice their runs over the island during this time. We found that the name CrossFit Bomb Island was a perfect way to honor a unique place to our area, as well as honoring our military and a significant part in South Carolina & American History